We Required your Security Code During the Booking Process to Validate your Coupon. It is found at the TOP LEFT of your Voucher..

Failure to provide this code will render your booking invalid until it is supplied.

Booking Page – Instructions

  1. Press the “” Button Below
  2. Enter Your Code, If you have more than one you can enter the rest later
  3. Confirm the TOTAL Number of People you are booking for
  4. Select a Preferred Date from the Calendar
  5. Select an Available Time from the drop down box underneath the Calendar
  6. At this point you are still shown the Full Price of the Tour, This will be fixed on the Next page
  7. Press the  Button
  8. Now you will see the Total of the Order minus the Value of the First Voucher you Entered, you can enter more Voucher Codes here. Each Code will reduce the balance by one ticket value
  9. Fill in the remaining details and Hit the  to reserve your spot!

Special Notes

  • You do not have to have Codes for everyone. You are Welcome to “addon” more participants to your order but you will need to organized payment for the balance before the Final  Button Appears and you can finalize the order.
  • ISSUES? – Please do NOT call Groupon, please contact us on using the details at the bottom of this page.
  • If you leave the Details Page prior to finalizing your order you will need to start the process again


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